Hey! I'm Daniel. This site is basically just a collection of information/links relating to myself.

About me

If I were to describe myself I'd say I were: geeky, a little shy, someone who enjoys helping others and is always willing to learn new things. I'm originally from London but spent most of my life by the sea and enjoy tons of things (see below for links!).

A picture of me!

What I do

Professionally/Open source

I have worked both in the UK and abroad developing an ever-increasingly diverse range of products for both local and globally-operating clients, and have a passion for technology; especially the way it can be used to help improve our lives/the world. Here are some of my useful tech-related links:

Here are some of my useful tech-related links:

Github, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, npm, Chrome Webstore, RubyGems.

Outside of work

As you've probably guessed, coding is something I really love doing both at work and in my own time

To prove I am not a robot though, here are some other things I'm involved in/things I like:

Contact Me

Feel free to throw me a message at mail@danielgriffin.me.